The Oman Désert Marathon is organized by “The Adventurer”. The race will take place from 17 to 25 November 2017 in Alsarqyah Region Sand in Wilayat  Bidiyah , south-east  of the Sultanat of Oman.logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 2: DEFINITION OF THE EVENT
The Oman desert marathon is a race of 165 Km (6 stages) the runners carry their equipment, a sleeping bag and food during their adventure. The organization will provide classic Bedouin tents that accommodate 10 persons and the competitor’s must bring his own sleeping bags and mats.

Each competitor can decide to sleep in the tents provided by the organization or bring his/her own tent. This decision is irreversible and have to be communicated before October 15th. The competitors that decide to bring their own tent, will be responsible for their own tent and have to assemble and dismantle it each day. The individual tent have to fit in a single bag of maximum 15 liters, marked with the competitors name and number, firmly closed, be dismounted and given to the organization at least 30 minutes prior the start time.logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 3: CONDITIONS OF RACE ADMISSION
Any person of any nationality aged over 18 at the start of the race who accepts the race rules and has provided a medical certificate attesting to their ability to participate in a race of this type as well as an ECG print-out dated less than 30days prior to the race is eligible to enter.logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200

November 17th: arrival at  Muscat International Airport

November 18th to November 23th: The Race – period of self sufficiency over 165 km

November 24th: Relax at the warm springs followed by the prize-giving ceremony

November 25th: Transfer to Muscatlogo-odm-tondo-bordino_200


A kit and medical certificate  inspection will take place on 17 November 2017: at the race camp at 5 pm

Participants must present themselves to the race administrators. Participants must meet all the administrative and technical requirements. Any participant not meeting all required conditions may be eliminated from the race without any refund.logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200 Art.6: HALTING THE RACE
The race may be abandoned if the organization deems it necessary for security and/or adverse weather conditionslogo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 7: COURSE NAVIGATION
All participants must follow the route as marked out by the organizers. Failing to do so may incur penalties of varying severity depending on the particular stage. The course will be marked approximately every 500 meters. The organisers will ensure that marking will always be visible.  There are several natural landmarks that will serve as additional points of reference. The organization will provide a daily briefing outlining the route conditions stage by stage and there will be constant monitoring of all the runners during all the race from fixed vantage points, in order to ensure that nobody gets lost.logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 8: CHECKPOINTS
Checkpoints will be placed at approximately 10 km intervals. These are mandatory passages where each runner’s arrival will be recorded. Medical support will be present at every checkpoint in case advice or treatment is required. The medical team may withdraw a competitor if his condition presents a serious risk to his health and safety.logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 09: WATER SUPPLY
Bottled mineral water will be provided at each checkpoint, approximately every 10 km and at the base camp. (you should indicate whether its 1 litre or 1.5 litres at each check point)logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 10 :RANKING
Each competitors time is indicated in hours, minutes and seconds.

Category A: Individual ranking;
The daily race ranking is calculated by adding the time taken to run that stage of the race minus penalties, if applicable. General ranking is calculated by adding together times for each stage of the race.
Category B: Team ranking
For teams, the daily race ranking is calculated by adding the times for each member of the team, minus penalties, if applicable. The average of the team’s times will give the ranking of that team. General ranking is calculated by adding the times obtained by the team at each stage. Teams who have at least 2 runners completing the race will be included in the team rankings.logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 11 : ABANDONMENT
In the event of a competitor dropping out of the race, he/she must inform a representative of the organization and give him/her their race number.logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 12: MEDICAL ASSISTANCE
A medical team, specializing in sports medicine will be present throughout the race and will have purpose-built assistance vehicles. They will be positioned daily at check points and at the finish line. They will ensure that any participant suffering from physical or mental exhaustion be brought back to the base camp. The medical team is allowed to disqualify any participant they feel physically unfit to continue the race or for receiving vital medical care.
logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 13 : INSURANCE
Each competitor must arrangean Assistance and Repatriation insurance. The certificate of this insurance must be presented to the administrators before the start of the race. All competitors take part in the full knowledge of the risks that may be encountered during this type of competition. Since competitors participate of their own free will, the organizer is obliged to insist that participants take out their own accident and death insurance.

Each competitor must have enough food for 6 days, with a minimum of 2000 calories per day or 12.000 calories in total.

Sleeping bag
Anti-venom pump
Signalling mirror
Salt tablets or equivalent
Space blanket
1 fully charged headlamp with spare batteries

First aid kit with plasters, bandage, scissors, ointmentlogo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 15: WEATHER CONDITIONS

The average temperatures at that time of the year are
• 20° Celsius at night
• 30° Celsius during the day

But please note that mid-day temperatures can rise as high as 40 o C at times

logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 16: REGISTRATION
The race fee of €1200
(excluding air transport)
includes :
• Accommodation in the Arabian Oryx Camp before and after the race
•  dinners and breakfast prior to the race
•  dinners and breakfast after the race
• Bus transfer to and from the desert of Bidiyah
• Accommodation during the race
• Bottled Mineral water
• Technical and medical support
• Race medal, T-shirt and race photos

The following compulsory documents must be submitted before October 1, 2017.

All the registrations have to be taken using the official website and the registered runners will have access to a personal page with all their data and travel information.

The runner’s profile must be valid and completed not later than October 15, 2017 with the following information:
• Registration form, completed, dated and approved.
• Personal information, completed, dated and approved
• Paid race fee. • 1 passport-size photo.
• Certificate of Assistance and Repatriation insurance
• Copy of the passport (including issue date)

• flight information – arrival and departure times
Since the total number of participants is limited, the organization will accept entries in line with available places and will enroll only those whose administrative dossiers are complete.

To participate in the Oman Desert Marathon, a medical file ins also required which contains the following
• A standard medical certificate can be downloaded FROM THIS LINK . It must be signed by a GP confirming that you are cleared to take part in this event. The doctor must be made aware of the distance you will be covering, the average temperatures during the day and that you will be carrying a 10 – 15 kg ruck-sack during the race.
• An ECG must be carried out less than 30 days prior to the race. The original document, dated and signed, will be presented during the administrative and technical checks on November 17, 2017
. • If either of these documents is not provided, the competitor may be withdrawn from the race and will forfeit the entire race fee.
logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art.17: CANCELLATIOIN
Cancellations and requests for refunds must be made in writing in order to avoid any misunderstanding. If notice of cancellation is received 60 days or more before event, you will receive a refund of the total fees you have paid. From midnight on 31st October: no refunds will be considered.
We advise all competitors to take out insurance covering cancellation.
In the event of cancellation of the race prior to the start on 17th Nov 2017, The Adventurer undertakes to reimburse all payments already received.
logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art.18 : PHOTO AND VIDEO COVERAGE
The Organization reserves all exclusive rights for photo coverage of the Oman Desert Marathon. Participants agree that the Organization may have exclusive use of their identity and individual or collective pictures for anything related directly or indirectly to their participation in the Race. Any still camera, video or movie coverage done during the Race cannot be used by participants, their entourage or trainers for any use other than personal without prior authorization or accreditation from the Organization. As a result, any book or film (short, feature) project must obtain The Adventurer’s prior authorization.

Race numbers must be placed as instructed by the organizers. The names and logos of the official sponsors must not be hidden.

Participants may use other available clothing space for individual sponsors (apart from areas exclusively reserved for race number) e.g. T-shirts, shorts, socks, caps, backpacks, etc. However, the organization reserves the right to prohibit sponsorship considered to be oversized or in direct competition with the organization’s partners or for any other reasons and which the organization does not have to justify.

logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 20: LIST OF PRIZES

Individual rankings

Male rankings

1st prize: trophy
2nd prize: trophy
3rd prize: trophy

4rth prize: trophy

5th prize: trophy

Female rankings

1st prize: trophy
2nd prize: trophy
3rd prize: trophy

Team rankings

1st prize: trophy
2nd prize: trophy
3rd prize: trophy

The Oldest runner trophy

Omani nationals rankings

1st prize: trophy

2nd prize: trophy

3rd prize: trophy

logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 21: THE ADVENTURER & COMMUNICATION
The race organizer reserves the right to modify the race schedule and/or race course due to events outside their control or for safety reasons. The race organizer may modify the race rules if necessary, in which case the competitors will be expected to accept them.
logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art. 22: PENALITES

  1. No medical certificate (imperatively dated 2017) presented at the medical control: Participation in the ODM will be refused.
  2. No identity card at the administrative control on the November 17th, 2017: penalty of 30 minutes. The participant must, however, be able to justify his/her identity before the start of the event, and this at the discretion of the organizer.
  3. Missing article from the list of backpack contents: penalty of 30 minutes for each missing object.
  4. Badly placed bib, absence of bib or bib illegible: penalty of 30 minutes for each offence.
  5. Outside of the cut-off time during any stage of the race: disqualification.
  6. Missed control stations: penalty of 2 hours.
  7. Food, water or assistance received from an outsider to the race organization: penalty of 3 hours.
  8. Receiving an IV drip (the decision of the medical staff is final).
  9. Equipment found in the tents bags or sleeping bags: penalty form 3 hours to disqualification.
  10. Discarding bottles of water during the race – penalty form 3 hours to disqualification. all bottles well be numbered .logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200ART .23 COMPETITOR’S DECLARATION

Each runner has informed themselves of the medical contraindications that may affect their participation in the ODM and, accordingly, absolves the race organization (including medical and technical staff) of any responsibility for medical problems or injuries that they may incur during the event. The moral person organizing the event does not have civil liability insurance and, by signing the race rules, each  participant confirms that they are aware of this and agrees explicitly not to hold the organizer liable nor to claim compansation in any way.
logo-odm-tondo-bordino_200Art 24 : MODIFICATION
The Organizers reserve the right to modify these regulations at any time.