Oman Desert Marathon 2018: Stage 2 and info

On the second article, we described the first stage of the race. If you missed it you can find it here.



Just after crossing the finish line of Stage 1 you will be welcomed by our team and have an unlimited amount of drinking water. A transfer to the base camp will be arranged within very short time, by car, in groups of 4 runners. This will be the last time you get in a car until the end of the race. You will get to the camp after a 30 minutes drive, out of Al Wasil, heading South East towards the desert.

The period of self-sufficiency is started, so there will be no support of food from the organization and the first day of the race is always the one which requires to the runners more effort to adapt to the new conditions. Most of the competitors will get to the camp by the early afternoon and there will be plenty of time to look for wood for the fire and prepare lunch and dinner.

After a night of rest, the morning wake up is at about 5.00. The organization will provide hot water for the runners in order to speed up the breakfast and allow everybody to have a hot meal and a cup of coffee. The start of stage 2 will be right from the camp at 6.30 and a short briefing will be held at 6.15.

Oman Desert Marathon

Stage 2 is characterized by a section with very smooth descent, with small climbs and small dunes, after km 15 there will be a big dune and a steep climb and other 4 kilometers on the ridge of the dunes to reach the finish line at km 19.7. The total ascent of this stage is 280 D+

Oman Desert Marathon

In the first and second stages of the race, you will experience at maximum the climate of the desert: high temperatures and a very small rate of humidity and probably Stage 2 will be the one with the highest temperatures of all the race. From the end of Stage III the race will start heading towards the ocean and there will be a consistent change in the scenery and also in the climate.

Stay tuned for the next stage.

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More about of stage 1?

Read the comments of the runners, watch the videos and pictures of the previous editions.  Oman Desert Marathon 2016Oman Desert Marathon 2017

Please note that the course is slightly changed, consider as valid the technical info of this article and not the description of the past editions


Next Oman Desert Marathon will take place from 16th to 24th November 2018. Registrations are open on this page
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