Oman Desert Marathon 2018: Stage 1 and info.

On the first article, we described the pre-race procedures and the first day in Oman. If you missed it you can find it here.



After a good breakfast provided by the organization at the camp, we will ask you to leave a 40 L drop bag for the end of the race. This drop bag will be taken to the beach the last day of the race and can contain what you need for the afternoon after the race. You don’t need much, as after a couple of hours you will be in the hotel with your full baggage. A clean towel, a power bank for your phone, a change of clothes for the beach and afternoon is what most runners put in this bag.

We will keep in a safe room your suitcase and you will find it at the hotel after the race. You can safely store your laptop and values inside it.

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Once all the bags are collected, all runners start approaching the start line of the first stage. With stat start of stage one, also the self-sufficiency period starts. No food will be provided until the end of the race.
For stage 1, the certification of ITRA states 23.8 km and 700 meters of positive and negative ascent.

Stage one is an acclimation stage, even if is not the hardest most runners perceive it as difficult. This is for the backpack weight, at its maximum on day one and for the fact that is the first day on the sand. Form the second stage on,  the weight of the backpack will decrease and all the competitors will get used to the new conditions and ground: things will get smoother.

The race starts at 6.30, at this time the temperature is very mild and the first runners will be at the finish line before the increase of temperature.


As you can read from the map and the elevation chart, this stage is apparently flat, as we don’t have big climbs, however, it takes place in an area with lots of medium dunes, and so you will go up and down all the time.

We start in the middle of the desert and we go towards the castle of Al Wasil castle, surrounded by an Oasis. As in all the stages of the race, you will find water every 10 km and a checkpoint will be organized at half of the course. There is no limitation on the amount of water you can drink, but we apply penalties for people wasting water and abandoning bottles in the desert. Even if littering is prohibited, we have a swept service that checks all the course after the last runner, in order to remove any sign of our passage.

Gallery Stage 1
The stage finishes just next to the Oasis and the runners are transferred by 4×4 to the base camp. This is the only stage where there is a car transfer. From now on the race will be a straight line to the Arabic Sea.

Stay tuned for the next stage.

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More about of stage 1?

Read the comments of the runners, watch the videos and pictures of the previous editions.  Oman Desert Marathon 2016Oman Desert Marathon 2017

Please note that the course is slightly changed, consider as valid the technical info of this article and not the description of the past editions


Next Oman Desert Marathon will take place from 16th to 24th November 2018. Registrations are open on this page
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